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People who really know

Our mentoring team comprises of alumni of many of the world’s most prestigious institutions such as Harvard, MIT, Columbia, Cornell, U Penn, LSE, Michigan – Ann Arbor. Our counselors come with many years of experience in admissions guidance. This combination of our experienced counselors and mentors enables us to provide up-to-date information and critically relevant advice to students.

We cater to students of all academic backgrounds

Whether you are at the top of your class and aspire to study at a top university in the world or you have more modest academic credentials, our counselors are equally capable and excited to guide you. Our counseling will help you present your strengths in a way that is in line with what your target universities are looking for.

You know global education is your golden opportunity to get ahead in life.

There is only one link between you and a successful future – getting the right kind of global education. Should I study abroad right now? What courses should I consider? Which are the best universities? Is US the best option? What about the costs? What happens after I graduate? What career opportunities exist? The questions abound… So do the choices.

Life-changing decisions that you simply can’t take chances with!

A bad course selected or a wrong university chosen can set you back for life… Your parents’ aspirations, your dreams of a successful life and your entire future could be irreparably compromised…

Realize your dreams!

Aplus’s counselors in India bring many years of experience advising students on the most suitable course, university & country that matches their potential and career aspirations. Our counseling team is supported by our mentors who are alumni of top India & global universities. With their practical advice and guidance, you can find the right answers to your questions. This essentially means you can better secure your future by minimizing the risks of making the wrong decisions.